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The Frothiest Bulletproof Coffee

Butter in coffee.


I first heard about this...idea?...several years ago when Keto started coming onto the scene.  At the time, I was FULLY concerned about and confused by this diet and why anyone would want to put butter in their coffee.  Now, I am much more open to new ideas concerning nutrition, and I'm sipping on a frothy bulletproof coffee, happy as a clam. (Why is it called bulletproof coffee? I haven't the slightest idea and I'm not sure it matters, so we'll leave it at that;)

I have found that increasing my fat intake has resulted in increased satiation, blood sugar stability throughout the day, improved digestion, and a metabolic boost.  The science behind the benefits of grass-fed butter generally states the following: grass-fed butter is high in fat-soluble vitamins such as vitamin A and K2, as well as being high in healthy fats like CLA and omega-3. 

As for the personal benefits that I experience, I find that I feel evenly energized without any issues with jitteriness, I experience less of a hunger crash mid-morning, and I enjoy probably the best hot coffee drink I've ever had.  It's so frothy, rich, and creamy without the heaviness that you get from a milk/cream-laden drink. 

The way that I make my Bulletproof is so quick an easy.  I just take a mug of hot coffee (your choice, I generally do fresh ground coffee in the french press), a heavy splash or two of unsweet almond milk, and half a tablespoon of grass-fed butter and froth it up in the blender.  YUM.

Y'all know I love my iced coffee, especially coldbrew, so let's not forget this YouTube video where I show you how to make the richest, smoothest coldbrew at home.

Happy caffinating!


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