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I, along with my 3 recently certified ACE CHC collaborators,  already sifted through every test material FOR YOU, all you need to do is follow along! 

Hundreds of ACE coaches have used this guide to successfully guide them to a first-time pass on the exam, and this isn't just any study guide...

This guide breaks the information down chapter by chapter, focusing only on what is currently seen on the exam.

There are entire sections dedicated to MATH, numbers you need to know, and what details are worth memorizing.

Additionally, there is a letter from each ACE CHC (including me) that outlines their personal studying and exam experience in detail.

 Other sources will intimidate you and tell you the test is easy to fail; I say, with effective preparation and help from multiple primary sources, you've got this.  


This guide is updated a minimum of twice every calendar year to reflect curriculum changes. Invest in yourself and save yourself the stress and expense of a retake.  Let's get it right the first time.  Cheers!

DISCLAIMER: I am in no way affiliated with ACE and make no recommendation to take or not take any ACE course or program - All thoughts and opinions are my own and all contents within my study guide notes collected during exam preparation and reflection, meant only to share my perspective on the material + my guidance on independent post-exam courses of action.

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