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The only beginning-of-business investment you should even consider - with 4+ years of proven experience and hundreds (yes, HUNDREDS!) of successful clients, FOUNDATIONS is a 12 week educational course/1:1 mentorship hybrid to take new coaches from clientless and confused to thriving business owners.  It’s time to build a business plan, master social media, unlock online sales, and capitalize on your signature high-ticket offer.  

You KNOW you have value to offer as an online coach-

You’ve had a powerful personal transformation, you feel you’ve found the career path you’ve been dreaming of your whole life, and you’re ready to make the impact and income to match your enthusiasm - which is where the issue lies:


You’re confused by all the business startup advice out there, 

The only guidance you’re getting is to post more on social media,

You feel insecure and unprofessional amongst your more experienced competition,

And you’re tired of downloading all the ebooks and courses, only for nothing to truly help.


You’re finally feeling ready to sign your first clients and feel like a social media badass.  

To stop trying 10 different strategies a month (only for none of them to work).

To truly understand WHAT you’re selling as a coach, HOW to market it online, and how to ACTUALLY SIGN CLIENTS that will pay for your services and expertise.


When I became certified a a health coach over 5 years ago, I through there was no way out of the confusion and feelings of failure - tat is until I invested thousands of dollars and a full year of my time into building the exact success methodology I’m teaching inside FOUNDATIONS.


Trust me, there is a way to make your online coaching business dreams a reality - to learn to operate like a PROFESSIONAL business owner.


It’s through my FOUNDATIONS programming that you’ll get there - let’s dive into the details.




You'll learn the most business-savvy way to hone in on your business vision + gameplan, develop an uber-sprecific niche for ultimate profitability, and customize exactly how you want to be percieved on social media and through your offers.


We'll work together to build your totally custom high-ticket offer, upon which you'll build your entire business sales funnel and complete your first sales.  You'll also understand the process of developing marketing standards and styles online so your offer has all the sales potential in the world.


Sales do NOT have to feel icky, sales-y, or make you nervous - I'll prepare you to become a wizard on sales calls AND you'll master the entire process from first lead contact through lead generation to closing a sale and onboarding a client.

We will put a bow on these skills by teaching you seamless client intake + onboarding, reviewing the backend necessities of a professional business, and making sure that each piece of the strategy aligns with your vision for your brand.


What is FOUNDATIONS of Online Coaching?

With my direct 1:1 support as well as my extensive educational course materials, you’ll learn exactly how to build an online coaching business with a clear specialty, develop a signature high-ticket offer that will become the profitable base of your growing sales funnel, and build a proven marketing plan that will have you closing sales within weeks of starting work inside the program.


You’ll learn from a coach with years of experience in online coaching and small business startup strategy, who used the exact strategies you’ll gain access to to grow a 7 figure online brand.


Not only will you learn my proven business success principles via my extensive written + recorded materials, you’ll also experience weekly live instruction, group mastermind collaboration, and 1:1 mentorship time that is worth the investment in the mentorship in and of itself.


Is FOUNDATIONS right for me?

FOUNDATIONS is for aspiring female online business owners in service-based industries (ex. Holistic Health Coaches, Career Coaches, Life Coaches, etc.) who are in the very beginning stages of business startup - this includes women who are struggling through the initial stages of business startup and women who have yet to take the first startup steps.  There is no income requirement - everyone is a beginner here


If you have a baseline of knowledge in your desired industry or you have completed a certification (you can be in the process of getting certified when joining the program as well) but you need help knowing WHAT to do to get your online business up and running, in what ORDER, and the ins-and-outs of HOW to start growing an online brand, FOUNDATIONS will be a perfect fit.


Right now, you’re spending hours a day scrolling social media looking for the golden ticket piece of advice that will finally kickstart your business.


You’re experimenting with posting on social media but you aren’t getting engagement from potential clients, seeing the growth you want, or closing any sales.


Every day is an EXHAUSTING mental battle of trying to be productive in business but not knowing what you should be working on…


You want to start working with dream clients but you have no idea what your signature service is or how to conduct a sales call that doesn’t feel gross and sales-y.


What if your first successful week of professional posting on Instagram or Tiktok was only a week of true strategy away?


What if you knew exactly what you sold as a business owner and could market it with confidence?


What if sales didn’t make you nervous, but instead you felt confident and excited to speak with prospective ideal clients?


What if signing your first online coaching client was only the beginning, and I told you that you could also be planning your first 5-10 sales in-program?

The FOUNDATIONS methodology has led to:


Body Positivity Coach

Client A came into FOUNDATIONS working at a draining waitressing job that she hated and with zero signed clients inside her online business (even though she’d been posting with decent engagement for months).


Within the first 4 weeks inside FOUNDATIONS, she was able to sign her first round of 4 beta clients into her high ticket coaching program, which we developed in detail together on our 1:1 sessions.


After finishing FOUNDATIONS, she used her learned strategies to sell out her first official launch with her highest prices ever.  This allowed her to quit her job and go FULL TIME as an online coach.


Within the year, she hit 3+ million views on a Tiktok video and grew 2 online platforms to over 50k followers and has expanded her product suite using the FOUNDATIONS product development strategies.

Running & Holistic Nutrition Coach

Client B went from hosting a bi-yearly running club in her neighborhood to using my FOUNDATIONS product development method to create an online training group program that netted thousands in income in its first sales round.


She used FOUNDATIONS social media strategies to expand across multiple platforms and grew her service catalog to include high-ticket 1:1 coaching that multiplied her income per sale. 

Relationship & Sacred Partnerships Mentor

Client C started out posting randomly on Youtube trying to get eyes on her business.  After learning the FOUNDATIONS method, we developed her core 1:1 offer, clarified her exact niche, and fully rebranded her social media so it could finally attract the type of client she wanted to work with.


She saw consistent growth of her social media platforms, a huge jump in online sales, and practiced my lead generation strategy to take back her power in signing clients.


She is able to stay home with her 1 year old, live abroad, and post aligned content in order to secure ideal clients.


The FOUNDATIONS Hybrid Model

Maybe this sounds familiar to you, but I’ve always found that new coaches get stuck making 2 investments in order to see results:


First, a coach pushed them into a course or strictly group model that technically teaches skills, but none of them are customized.


Then, inevitably, you are left dissatisfied with your results and are forced to invest AGAIN into a much more expensive 1:1 mentorship if you even want to actually speak directly with your mentor.


I fundamentally disagree with this pattern, and I only PERSONALLY invest in programs with 1:1 components - so here’s every way you’ll stay connected inside FOUNDATIONS to truly embody this hybrid model:


-written text materials (my 110+ page textbook, to be exact) allow you to have permanent access to my methodology

-recorded course modules and masterclasses put a new spin on your independent learning, which I assign weekly so you feel ultra-prepared for all calls

-bi-weekly 1:1 calls are the difference-makers for my clients - we work on specific-to-your-goals projects, track progress, and create clear task lists that are customized to your desired outcomes

-daily messenger office hours allow you to get support all throughout the week - from strategy to a pep talk.  You never have to wait a week between calls to get questions answered.

what's included


  • Business Vision Clarification + Mission Development

  • Niche Pinpointing + Ideal Client Identification 

  • Professional Social Media Use and Management

  • Non-cringey Use of the DMs for Sales and Lead Generation

  • Lead Generation + Growing a Warm Audience 

  • Market Research + Networking

  • Program Creation + Product Development

  • Product + Service Pricing 

  • Lead Magnet + Freebie Development - Intro to Email Lists

  • Logistics + Backend Management 


  • All written material is also recorded visually for various learning styles

  • All paid and free masterclasses Emily has ever hosted are uploaded to your online course

  • Technical tutorials (Landing pages, etc.)


  • bi-weekly 1:1 calls are the difference-makers for my clients - we work on specific-to-your-goals projects, track progress, and create clear task lists that are customized to your desired outcomes

  • daily messenger office hours allow you to get support all throughout the week - from strategy to a pep talk.  You never have to wait a week between calls to get questions answered.


Emily has been a self-employed business mentor under her umbrella company, Emily Woods Wellness LLC, since 2020.  Having grown the business to 7 figures and providing services from business mentorship to bespoke content creation services, Emily has continued to hone in on her FOUNDATIONS methodology in order to create the most up-to-date and relevant mentorship program on the market for new coaches. 


Emily has successfully served over 300 individual clients and has become a respected name in the coaching industry, specifically within the wellness service and coaching space, having recently been featured as a guest expert on


With her intimate understanding of the trials and successes involved in the first 12-18 months of business ownership, Emily is committed to equipping you with the education, confidence, and strategies needed to thrive.

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What is the investment in the program?

The total cost of enrollment is $5990, including all of your resources (which you maintain permanent access to after the program concludes), all calls, and all support.

This amount can be divided into a flexible payment plan of your choice, ranging between 1-12 payments with no penalty for using a payment plan. My financials team and I aim to be as flexible as possible to get you started building your business!

During limited pre-sale periods, a discount is applied.

What if I know this is the program for me but I can’t afford to pay in full?

The cost of enrollment can be divided into a flexible payment plan of your choice, ranging between 1-12 payments with no penalty for using a payment plan. My financials team and I aim to be as flexible as possible to get you started building your business!  We will customize that as per your needs on our consultation.

Do I have to be a certified coach to join the program?

Many of my most successful clients have been pre or mid-certification when they enter FOUNDATIONS. I recommend getting business foundations laid as soon as possible so your brand can develop while you are getting certified.

In other words, there is no educational requirement to enroll in the mentorship!


Ready to commit to your online coaching business? Book your free consult before the presale ($300 discount + extended free consult!) ends 7/12.

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