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What is Online Health Coaching?

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What is a health coach?

A Health Coach, or more accurately a Holistic Health Coach, is a certified Health and Wellness professional who works to improve lives by...

- working one-on-one with clients to facilitate a shift towards ideal body weight

- to reform body image

- to assist in the regaining of control over a client’s thoughts and actions.

The methods used to cultivate success center around accountability, goal planning and implementation, coach-client support and rapport, nutritional and activity guidance, and progress tracking.

What does working with a Health Coach entail?

Once you reach a point when you realize that you are lacking the structure, support, and educated advice to truly reach you goals, a Health Coach can provide the guidance to get you exactly where you want to be.

Goals do not always have to center around weight loss; many individuals are struggling with...

- changing their body composition

- overcoming body dysmorphia

- and/or fighting medical issues that impede a truly happy lifestyle.

As a Health Coach, I work with each individual to discuss heath history, readiness to change, articulation and formation of achievable goals, and potential reasons for failure in the past. Working with a Health Coach allows you to go beyond goals of physical change and look inward to get to the root of past struggles in order to ensure that goals are met successfully.

During our time together, we will either converse over the phone during 1 to 2 planned weekly meetings or communicate completely through email, depending on the option chosen at the beginning of the program. Over the course of an agreed upon number of weeks, you and I will assess and apply changes to nutrition and activity levels. Alongside this, I will be completely available to you through email, call, and text so that you can be fully supported and without any unanswered questions. You will also be privy to all of my uniquely curated resources that are only available to my personal clients.

Who is Health Coaching for?

Having a Health Coach is for anyone who has moved past the outdated notion that a specialist of one area can assist with reaching goals that are rooted in many areas. As a Certified Health Coach, I am trained not only in fitness and nutrition, but also in the psychological aspects of making changes. Individuals of any age and at any stage in their health journey can benefit from teaming up with a Health Coach. Many medical doctors refer patients to holistic health coaches when their condition remains unchanged for long periods of time and it is clear that having the one-on-one support and guidance of a coach is truly the only way that a change will be made.

If you are frustrated by your lack of progress even though much effort goes into your fitness and nutrition regimen, you need a Health Coach. Together, we can find the places in your routine that are causing downfall and then we can work to restructure your goals and implement them effectively.

If you struggle with motivation, you need a Health Coach. Together, we will ensure that you are supported, held accountable, and excited about your routine.

If you feel defeated by past failed attempts at getting healthy or reaching a goal, you need a Health Coach. Together, we will break down your past approach, identify where things went wrong, and implement a new and effective plan.


If any of these examples applies to you OR if you would like to present your unique situation to see how a Health Coach can benefit you, email me at to schedule a free consultation.

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