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Picking a NICHE for your small business

As a new online business owner (in coaching/any OSP industry), you’ve probably heard this 110 times: “you MUST niche down to be successful…”

Which probably has you thinking, “niche down?!? WTF even is a niche??”

“If I already don’t have clients, how will getting MORE specific not box me in?!”

“I want to help anyone who needs help, so this niching thing isn’t for me…”

“I don’t even know how to begin creating a profitable niche.”


Niching down WILL help you get more clients, it is 100% a necessary element of a successful business, and you CAN create a niche that you’re obsessed with using my unique method within my new course DISCOVERING YOUR NICHE -

A 5-module powerhouse of information and resources that will take you from clueless to CLEAR AF when it comes to your niche, available for less than the price of 2 almond milk lattes.

In DISCOVERING YOUR NICHE, you’ll get exclusive access to my methodology that weaves together your unique journey and experiences with the demands of the online market - aka keeping you PROFITABLE and AUTHENTIC.

In this course, I’m covering:

  • WHY niche is so important (it’s more than you’ve heard!)

  • The difference between NICHE and IDEAL CLIENT

  • How to overcome your limiting mindset when it comes to getting specific in the market

  • The keys to unlocking the potential of your own personal journey as a business asset

  • How to create a niche statement that you’re obsessed af with

  • + a bonus module based around answering all my FAQs on the topic of NICHE.

You’ll be following along within the course modules using a compact, essentials-only set of custom worksheets and guides - all this for only $13.99 !

(That’s what we call a no-brainer, folks.)

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