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How to Create PASSIVE INCOME in 6 Easy Steps

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

Picture this: You're Getting paid every single day, whether you work or not.

You’re on the beach with a good book and a strong marg and the only notification you’re getting on your phone is your paypal going off..

You take a day off from work on a random thursday to get your hair and nails done and you’re getting paid..

You’re on a vacation with your family and making money each day without working…

This has been my reality for the past 3+ years because of PASSIVE INCOME.

When I was 22 years old, I created a simple ebook that I’ve sold passively ever since - it brings in hundreds of passive dollars every month.

I’ve since created 2 courses (one of which is all about passive income!) and am re-selling my paid masterclass recordings passively - and I’m typing this caption on a random day off with my husband, still getting paid.

I want to teach you how to create a passive income stream of your choice - but I want to make it simple for you in 6 straightforward steps.

Drumroll pleaseeee - Introducing PASSIVE INCOME BOOTCAMP - THE COURSE.

My most in-depth, longest, and most transformational passive resource to date!

This course is for you IF:

  • You’re an online coach/OSP that’s craving freedom in your business

  • You KNOW your 1:1 offer can’t be the only way to make money

  • You crave having multiple streams of income within your business (but don’t know how to start the creation process)

  • You have SO MANY IDEAS for resources and events but no knowledge on how to bring them to life

  • You’re finally ready to make money while you sleep/frolic on the beach on vacation

If you’re saying YES to all the above - girlllll do I have the opportunity for you - enter: PASSIVE INCOME BOOTCAMP

A 6 Module course that will guide you through my detailed strategy pathway to create a powerful stream of passive income. Here’s how it works:

  • PHASE 1: I’ll teach you exactly how to pinpoint your million dollar idea, set clear passive income goals, and introduce my specific passive income structural recommendations.

  • PHASE 2: I’m breaking down my 4-step Idea-to-Launch process and guiding you through testing your offer topic for ensured success.

  • PHASE 3: Investment testing - aka how to PROVE your prices and create passive income security.

  • PHASE 4: Funnel creation + Evergreen Marketing - I’m teaching you to place + KEEP your offer in front of interested eyes (aka consistent sales)

  • PHASE 5: You’ll create your visual marketing plan to create standout offer branding

  • PHASE 6: We will plan your first passive income launch to build awareness around your new offer - literally day by day, every detail!

You’ll also gain access to the exclusive PIB follow-along resource - an interactive document containing guided challenges and action steps for every phase of the course.

AND - I'm bundling PIB together with my BUSINESS STARTER PACK COURSE - which includes:

  • The entirety of my bestselling course DISCOVERING YOUR NICHE - aka 5 powerful modules ot help you create + optimize a profitable niche statement. This is a non-negotiable for building passive income.

  • The exclusive recording of my blockbuster masterclass, SOCIAL MEDIA FOR ONLINE COACHES. This contains skills you will need to effectively market and sell your passive income offer.

  • The top tier of my paid masterclasses for FREE: LEAD GENERATION FOR ONLINE COACHES. You'll learn to boost revenue through locating and communicating with ideal clients online.

Grab your self-paced Passive Income resource today for less than $90 - you'll be cashing in on a limitless passive ROI!

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