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strategy of my fastest, easiest, and biggest launch as a coach

Selling out coaching launches: notes from my personal playbook💸

Whenever I’m reading coaching strategy, I want the real TEA, not some fluffy crap that’s not applicable☕️

With that, I’m coming off my biggest launch of my signature program FOUNDATIONS Of Online Coaching, and I want to share my exact ingredients for success with you🤍

❔How did I sell out the program with ease, working less during a launch than I ever have?

❔How did I set my business up for a multi-6-figure year?

I’m breaking down the details in my newest Youtube video (link in bio for the chat) - here’s a sneak peek of my essentials👇🏼


I’m a minimalist in coaching - other coaches are cranking out offers and I'm holding firm with my method and the offers that work consistently.

My team of financial staff, VA, media manager, mentor, and co-coaches has allowed me to optimize my workflow - getting more done while working less.


I prioritized Lead generation deeper into my audience rather than into a wider audience - aka resisting the temptation to go broader


Rather than saving all the “stressful stuff” for during my launch, I utilized a preparation strategy that got everything done early.

Sit down with me for an in-depth chat on selling out launches over on Youtube - and bring a pen, it’s a good one📝


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