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SALES CALLS: the do’s, don’ts, and why new coaches suck at them👇🏼

New coaches struggle with sales for 3 main reasons:

🥺They aren't confident in their experience/abilities.

🥺They aren't clear on what they offer and how to market it verbally.

🥺They’re scared to talk about the investment and are convinced that nobody can afford their offer (heaven forbid they raise their prices!)

⚡️The cold hard truth is this: if you can’t initiate AND close sales, you can’t make money as a business owner - in my free video training on sales call mastery, I’m outlining:

💸The exact conversational flow of a successful sales call

💸How to explain your offer in an individualized, sellable way

💸How to approach followup calls

💸How to grow your confidence and show up like a badass

+++ All my best tips and tricks!

See ya there with a pen and an iced coffee!!☕️

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