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I hate asking questions and not getting answers🤪

I also hate for YOU to have your questions go unanswered in the most honest, transparent way,

So i’m creating a space on my YouTube channel for straightforward Q&A, and today’s set of questions is fiireee🔥

I chose a random set of questions from a question box a few weeks ago and I’m covering topics like:

👉🏼How I create and manage my schedule (and how you can approach this too!)

👉🏼How often you should be talking to/following up with leads

👉🏼What your correspondence patterns and boundaries with your clients should look like

👉🏼What website platform i recommend (and if i even recommend websites at all + what i recommend instead…)

And several more hot topics ~

Here’s the thing: you can always count on me for an honest, straight-up answer.

Link to watch me break it all down is in my bio ~

(drop any questions you’d like answered in the next Q&A down below!)

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