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Theme of 23//give your year a word

mmmm birthdays.  I actually think that birthdays can be kind of a trip.  Like...what happens when you get to the end of a year and you aren't exactly where you want to be?  I think there's this massive expectation that when you get to the end of an age year you're ready to turn this big metaphorical page an leave things from the previous year behind.  Like, let's just step into a whole new heckin world on September 22nd, no matter if I'm in the middle of something important, gotta turn that PAGE and become the new me!!!


But in all seriousness, there is definitely this...thing...surrounding birthdays that is also the thing that accompanies New Years and it kind of feels like pressure.  Pressure to level up but also to come from a place of accomplishment, like the past year was a package that can now be nicely wrapped up and tied with a bow and stacked away for never because THIS YEAR IS YOUR YEAR.

I hope this is true; I hope this year is my year.  I'm dedicating this 23rd year as MY YEAR. But I had such a time as a 22 year old that I'm almost a little sad to leave it behind.  I traveled a chunk of the world, graduated from college, moved into my own apartment, got engaged to the man beyond my dreams, settled into a totally unexpected a lot of ways, I'm more proud of 22 year old me than any other me there's been. 

Getting to the point, after a slightly existential analysis of birthdays:

I have tried in the past to give every age-year a theme.  Generally, this is just a single word that I hope defines my decisions, impacts my mindset, and promotes my joy and happiness.  The thing about goals like this, any goals for that matter, is YOU HAVE TO WRITE THEM DOWN.

I wish I could tell you the theme for my 22nd year, but I cannot. I didn't write it down.  Love that for me.

Anyways.  The theme of 23, my Jordan year, hopefully-some-people-still-like-me year, is

F E A R L E S S.

I have always been a confident person.  Everyone struggles with some insecurities, myself included, but never in my life have I been crippled by literal  FEAR like I experienced towards the end of my college career.  These same feelings of intense doubt and fear crept back up just the other day as I was sitting at my kitchen table, phone in hand, trying to make myself make a sales call for my business. MY OWN DANG BUSINESS. I created this product, hand-curated each and every resource, studied for and obtained my certification on the first try.  Heck, I coach other people on how they too can pass this certification test based on my own strategies. Yet, I sat there actually sweating and panicking and regretting all of my decisions trying to call someone to talk about what I've got going on.  What I can offer THEM.  They need this stuff for their customers ok.

You'd be surprised how much mindset in involved in success.  I spend time actively working to alter my mindset surrounding money, and it has transformed the way that money is a part of my life (more on this in a future post).  I have known the impact of my own thoughts for some time now, a knowledge that began with reading Eckhart Tolle's 'The Power of Now' (this is a GREAT book to have around, you can order it here).  For the first time, I've made the conscious decision to apply focused mindfulness to my life through pursuing a mindset based on the concept of fearlessness. 

If you are looking to 'theme' your own year (start today, why wait for a birthday?), I liken the process to a scattering of seeds.  If this word theme is my seed, I am making every effort this year to sow this seed wherever I can.  I want to see this word often throughout the day, so I might make it the background of my phone, write it on my bathroom mirror, make it the label on my alarm, or repeat it mantra-style in a meditation.  When I am faced with a challenge, this chosen word is my motivator and my reassurance.  In an emotionally-charged situation, this word is my stabilizer.  Above all other chaotic thoughts, this word and its symbolism is my steady presence. 

In all things today, I was fearless.  Fearless in creating my list of weekly goals, fearless in filling my day with meaningful and productive tasks, fearless in facing tomorrow with gusto and courage. 

If you repeat a belief, in this case a word, consistently over time, it becomes your truth.  It is astounding how malleable the human brain really is; take control of your power to shape yours.

Whatever it is you need in order to actively pursue your highest self, your most fulfilling life, craft it into a word or a mantra and sew it into the fabric of your daily life.  Watch things transform.  I'm certainly excited to.



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