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the G R A T I T U D E journals: week 4

These pants are my life now.

April 14, 2019

I got to spend this Sunday morning with my sweet family. We even did my favorite activity: grocery shopping. No, I'm not kidding. This girl loves a fruit and veg haul, especially from Publix...isn't there something so comforting about that place? Blessed with parents who buy me groceries whenever we're together. I enjoyed the best mango oats all week because of this (if you haven't tried fresh honey mango on oats...get on it sis).

April 15, 2019

My best gals on grill duty. Grilled pineapple is important.

The second-to-last Monday of classes...praise BE. I am still so thankful to have fewer on-campus classes in my final semester, a schedule that allows me to be much more in control of my time. This evening, I got to cook a bomb dinner with some pals. Group meals are so important.

The Stump.

April 16, 2019

1 lab practical down, 1 to go. Today was a chill day, little yoga, little spin, nothing crazy. I am so thankful for days like that, even though I often do my best to create craziness for myself.

April 17, 2019

Today, I am thankful for friends that get me out of my routine, as this often leads me into the best times of my week (go figure). Mal and Kathryn and all the pups and I rode out to a river beach under a bridge (less sketchy than it sounds) and played for around 3 hours. It's a wonder what an afternoon of sunshine and dogs does. Mal and I are still determined to capture daily moments together and, although we generally fail at that, we remembered today. Thankful for that and the presentation that I crushed in this outfit today.

Would you look at that outfit coordination.

We ate some DANK sushi tonight. I will never not be thankful for sushi, especially with this cute date.

April 18, 2019

Last lab practical down, ZERO TO GO. FOREVER. That's real nice, let me tell ya. I'm thankful that I gave my body a break today, something I'm learning to do more often. Our bodies are so dang amazing, we have to take care to take care.

April 19, 2019

I get to go home today and THAT is what I wish most days looked like. My best sis drove halfway home so that I could o homework but we really just cackled the whole time; this is wholly more productive than any work I could be doing. We also shared some majorly truthful and inspiring words with each other. This girl is going places and she's helping me get where I'm going. We walked into the house to the most ecstatic pup, a pot of homemade soup, and a tray of homemade lemon squares. I am blessed beyond measure with my chef of a mother. To top it off, sweet Cory rolled in around 10pm and the family was all home!!

My baby.

April 20, 2019

Best buds.

As always, today was chalk full of fun. We started out on an early morning run with our girl. This is the best exercise for the pup and great sister time for Abigail and I. This was followed by a garage workout (my favorite, seriously), a bomb salad (covered in every leftover in the fridge), a sweet shopping trip with mum, and birthday dinner for Daddio. Daddy, you're my biggest blessing! Days at home are my absolute favorite. My family is, without competition, my favorite thing in the entire world. We are quite the crew and I love it more than anything. Thank God for them. I alsowore this pair of pants and discovered that they are the best pants ever, something I don't say lightly. AND I found the same pair in my size at my local store. Bought that.

Also, I was so present in the moment this weekend that I'm posting this a day late and I'm grateful for that too;)

My mom is a MODEL and I want to be her.

My girl gang.

Thankful for it all.


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