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the G R A T I T U D E journals: week 3

Is anyone else gratitude journaling? You should. This is such a fun way to look positively back on the week.

April 7, 2019

Even as I slaved over cell biology all day today, I was blessed with my best Mal pal to study with. We ran all over town for the correct combo of snacks and drinks and notecards. Thank you, Mal, for keeping me from drowning in self-induced study stress; I'm happy to lend a little anxiety any day to keep you productive (not that you need it, you genius). After a marathon study sesh, I locked myself out of may apartment. This landed me on a Chipotle dinner date with Cory so I don't think there ever was a more fortunate series of events.

April 8, 2019

MY BEST BUDDY'S 25th BIRTHDAY! I'm dating a 25 year old? Excuse me? I am THANKFUL that this Cory was born. He's my favorite person, you see. All of our sweetest pals gathered to celebrate Cory - we are so surrounded by sweet energy and love. I walked into my apartment to Joseph washing the dishes in my sink - it's a moment like that that I hope to hold onto through this blog series.

Look at those sick Tevas.

We're obsessed with this new soul sister of ours.

We love y'all more than you know!

Until I see my grade, I will stand by the feeling that I smashed my cell biology test.

April 9, 2019

What an absolutely BLESSED day! Seeing as I studied all weekend, I took this as my Saturday. This time of reward and rest after hard work is absolutely crucial to maintaining a positive and productive outlook; I am so thankful that it took me this long to learn the value of that lesson;) First, Mal and I played in the woods with the pups. This took care of my dog fix and the time in nature was so refreshing.

Look at those tongues.

I taught some breezy garage yoga in the afternoon. For 2.5 hours in the early evening, I had the most wide open, loving, insightful, and uplifting talks with my Bria girl. I am thankful for the opportunity to experience people who never let the relationship grow stale, no matter the time between visits. Old friends are so precious.

You're a treasure, B.

I stopped in to see Cory MC a bingo game at our best Mexican/Thai restaurant (rad, right) and sipped on a monster marg with Betty. I have horrible luck with Bingo but great luck with friends.

April 10, 2019

The theme of today was sunshine. Like, it is SUMMER here in Auburn and it was so sunny I kind of burnt my poor pale arms to a crisp just from being on campus. There always seems to be something cute happening on campus (thankful) and today, there was free Toomer's lemonade with Aubie on the greenspace.

I love that terrible shadow my bun puts on my face.

Campus actually has a food place that we love and we had a bomb salad sitting outside.

Today I finally had the time to dig into my blog and cranked out a very aesthetic favorites post (, complete with a matching (and hilarious) YouTube video ( Cory also cooked me a bomb dinner and it is so nice to just sit and have food made for you by someone who knows what you love.

April 11, 2019

This was a much needed sister day. Abigail and I cherish the time to aimlessly run errands, cook healthy meals, and laugh together more than anything in the world. This girl is my whole heart. We got our nails done and did unnecessary shopping and ate together in front of a movie. We are both nail biters and are PROUD of these claws.

This is literally my happiest place, right by my sis. My sweet friend Kathryn brought her pup over for the movie and I'd call it the perfect movie night.

April 12, 2019

My family came today and nothing in the world fills me up like them. The 4 of us are an iconic crew. In the morning, Mallory meticulously colored my hair and now it is a glossy jet black (you can call me Joan Jett). We shared such open, inspiring conversation. We also shared a large bowl of sweet potato chips at lunch and that is true happiness.

I acquired the best pair of travel shoes that I can't wait to share about (thankful for parents who make sure I have everything I need). The weather was perfect in the evening so we snagged some graduation pictures and I teared up the whole time, literally not believing that I'm graduating. It was surreal.

My right hand man.

Dinner was accompanied by an Aperol Spritz and that is gratitude in a glass, as far as I'm concerned.

Thankful for it all. em

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