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The G R A T I T U D E journals: intro

I've noticed a trend. Not a good trend, but a definite pattern that I see displayed through people my age, people of the two generations before mine, and even through myself. It has always been easier to dwell on the negative, but there is a thread running through our culture that condemns an overly-optimistic spirit and finds humor in a sarcastic and dry negativity.

The more that I observe this behavior in myself and excuse a negative attitude as humorous and real, the more I am aware of how counterproductive this is. An unhappy, pessimistic person almost always trends towards low productivity and submission to circumstance.

So. To keep this short, I'm NOT about that.

I am about productivity. I am about radiant happiness and a light spirit. I am about outgrowing my situation and seeking out new, barely reachable heights.

To uncover these qualities in myself and to choose happiness out of our two choices in life, I'm taking the very literal approach.

Each day, I am spending a couple of minute in the morning or evening to physically write down they things within my day that I am thankful for.

My hope is that, through taking notice of the good parts of my day, no matter how small, I will grow in my ability to be grateful and to pinpoint happiness in every situation.

You should try it too and let me know.


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