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My Morning Skincare Routine + Build Your Own

Updated: Apr 29, 2019

Skincare is such a VIBE. It's like your own 2 minutes at the spa each morning and starting the day this way is sacred. I personally have just begun the practice of investing these 2-3 minutes in myself each morning and the attitude of self care that this time creates carries me through the day on a new level.

I have never been one to appreciate any kind of foundation (or BB cream or tinted moisturizer or literally anything pigmented) on my face. I like being able to touch my face, sweat, and move freely without worrying about my face rubbing off. It also make me claustrophobic. Is that normal?

The type of skin look that I do prefer is that of my own skin. You heard it here first, sis. I like my skin. Even on its more belligerent days, my skin tends to reflect the love that I show it through keeping it heavily moisturized, gently exfoliated, and protected from the sun.

Here are the VERY simple steps that I follow each morning to pamper and prep my skin for the day and the products that I recommend for various skin types and areas of concern. My biggest tip, passed straight from my mama, is to apply your skincare products all over your face, neck, chest, and the backs of your hands. These are all vulnerable and highly visible areas that benefit from a little attention and protection. Enjoy! -em

My day generally begins with a healthy dose of sweet H2O (about a liter before I eat anything), a sweaty workout, and a shower. This leads me to my first tip: hydrate HYDRATE hYDraTE. You have to hydrate your skin from the inside even more than from the outside.

Whilst in the shower, I wash my face with my Dr. Bronner's liquid soap. I have found this soap to be the least drying, most gentle rinse to take off the layer of sweat or oil buildup without stripping all the natural oils from my face. If you are currently using a harsh cleanser (usually something with salicylic acid and/or some sort of 'bursting microbeads') to get rid of acne or oily skin, this is generally going to cause oil overproduction and patchy dryness. To learn more about this and how to gently clear and calm your skin, check out my blog post here.

Once I'm out of the shower and my pores are nice and open, I apply my hyaluronic acid serum to keep my skin plumped and hydrated. Check out my review on my favorite serum to date here.

Once the serum has a minute to melt into my skin (this happens quickly as this stuff has the best, smoothest texture), I apply a thick layer of fragrance/dye-free aloe vera gel to my face, neck, and chest. I have found this to be very soothing, cooling, and hydrating as a base for moisturizer. I generally just go about my morning for about 5 minutes while this dries. Here is the link to where I talk about this specifically and link several comparable products.

Before I got all extra, my skincare routine started and ended with this next step. I will say, if you struggle with red, irritated skin or dry skin with oily patches, the previous 2 steps will be so beneficial for you. If you're looking to keep things as simple as possible, the next 2 steps will suffice.

I am always after the most glowy, sunkissed, lit-from-within look. Many people will say that this is not achievable without layers of illuminating primer, expensive foundation, and highlighting powder or creme. Referring back to my claustrophobic fear of foundation, that's not it for me. I achieve this natural and healthy look by using Rosehip oil (this is my absolute favorite). I liken it to drops of sunshine. It is extremely silky and hydrating without any hint of greasiness, and it has this gorgeous amber color that naturally adds a sunny glow to your skin. I am obsessed. This is my all time favorite skincare product and can be applied directly to the skin without any base, if you prefer that.

When I lived in out west at very high elevation for a few months or in the dead of winter, I often find myself reaching for something a little thicker that will provide a barrier between my skin and the elements. If this is where you're at or you have severely dry skin, try coconut oil. I prefer one that is neutral in flavor and smell when applying it to my skin (Find it here). Check out my post on skin healing using coconut oil here.

This last step might just be the most important: SPF. Please please please, do not underestimate the power of protecting your skin on all weather days: sunny, cloudy, rainy, all of them. I have used the same spf moisturizer forever and I'm well aware that it isn't the most luxe option. It works well for me and it is layered over several other products on my skin. I also love that this moisturizer is not chalky and doesn't dull the glow of the Rosehip oil underneath.

Tailor your skincare routine to the needs of your skin specifically without forgetting that no effective routine needs to be expensive, time consuming, or complicated. Be gentle, patient with, and loving to your skin, feeding and hydrating it from the inside out, and you can make big changes.


Ps...check out my YouTube video walking you through this process ++ all the usual antics. xxx

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