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My Backpacks for Traveling Europe

Here is the link to my packing video where I show ya how I packed these bad boys. I'll be posting an update on how I've adjusted that soon!

I'm obsessing over my Osprey bag, linked here. I will be filming a full breakdown of all the features of the bag soon, but just take my word/check the website for now. This bag is PERFECT for this type of travel. It has a wide open inner compartment that accommodates packing cubes swimmingly and then a front buckle system that allows you to cinch the bag in for a more compact fit. Even with the main compartment filled completely to the brim, I still have room to store my electronics bag in the front pocket.

The main compartment has sleek mesh pockets that I find perfect for storing dirty clothes and a few larger photography pieces. There is also a small upper pocket where I have been storing my rain coat and a few snacks.

My bag is classic black, but my pal carries this gorgeous turquoise pack.

By far my favorite aspect of the bag is its versatility. A simple release of the strap clips allows for storage of the straps into a sleek back pocket. This is ESSENTIAL for when you are required to check your bag on smaller flights, as it eliminates the risk of your pack being damaged. There is also a padded back pocket for a laptop.

This pack is comfortable to wear even when packed down heavy due to Osprey's expert strap pulley system.

For a straigh backpacking pack (less for travel, more for hiking), I recommend the Osprey Atmos 65, which features a weightless back-support system that is more comfortable than any other pack I've worn.

If you're looking to purchase any backpack, I encourage you to search through the links above! Any purchase through these links supports me just a tiny bit.


My small daypack is the ZOMAKE 25L collapsible bag. I needed a backpack big enough to hold everything I need on a day out on a hike/in the city but also one able to collapse and fit into my big pack when I'm hiking with all my gear.

I wear this pack on the front of my body and I am loving it! Super simple. There is a little padding in the straps, which I love. Comfortable and easy.

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