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This is the EXACT journaling method that got me beyond 6 figures💸

There comes a time in any entrepreneur's journey when you think,

“Damn, this is NOT as easy as i thought it would be…”

You start to question yourself and your dreams, and i’ve done the same thing

So. many. Times.

BUT, quitting has never been an option for me.

I KNOW that this is what I want, therefore it became clear quickly that i needed a strategy to overcome this limiting mindset.

Turns out, this strategy is as simple as a single journaling exercise,

The same one, in fact, that I promote heavily within my signature program for new coaches, FOUNDATIONS of Online Coaching.

Here’s how it goes: (you’re gonna want to save this one for a rainy day)

🌟Carve out no less than ONE HOUR (I know you can do it!) of time to reflect on the following prompt:

🌟Choose the situation that is causing you the most stress/anxiety/apprehension in this moment. the thing that feels impossible to face/overcome.

🌟then, put pen to paper and place yourself in this situation in it's completed form. You've achieved whatever it is you want but you were brave enough to take it a step beyond; the outcome is BEYOND what you thought it could be💫

🌟Next, write in great detail the steps that you took to achieve this otherworldly greatness, even if these steps don't feel readily available in this exact moment.

🌟The theme of this exercise is BRAVERY.

👉🏼bravery to look beyond your anxieties and see the highest outcome, and then actualize it through steps to success.

Access to mindset hacks like this one AND the education to formulate the tangible steps to your success is available through the FOUNDATIONS of Online Coaching program,

And the waitlist is LIVE with a massive discount and and a slew of other badass incentives.

the biggest leap you’ll make towards your success is to take responsibility for it.

Allow yourself to see beyond your fear...and, go!💫

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