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Lower Carbs WITHOUT Fearing Carbs

I was super vegan for like…two years. My transition off of veganism and my thoughts on that process is a topic for another post entirely (coming soon), but the topic of today is about my thoughts on CARBS.

Carbohydrates. Immediate energy for the body. The ONLY source of energy and fuel utilized by the brain. Yes, the only source . (So if you’re expecting a post on my newfound success with the Keto diet, this ain’t it, chief.)

The point of me mentioning my past with veganism is that during that time, I LIVED on carbs. As many of us newer vegans do, I dabbled with high carb, low fat for quite some time before realizing that I truly could not function without ample amounts of almond butter and guacamole in my life. I subsisted on a mainly starch-based diet for a hot minute even after I was fully vegan and am only now removing alllll my labels and learning how to truly eat in a way that allows me to function at my highest level physically and mentally.

I hope to work my way through a series on the blog about removing labels and eating with freedom AND a purpose. ((Stay tuned for that!!)) For now, however, I am just hoping to touch on my recent success with a higher fat, higher protein, lower carb diet while discussing what it means to consciously lower your carb intake without developing a fear of carbs.

For the longest time, carbs were seen as the bad guy. I had hope that we, as an intelligent society, were escaping this limiting and ignorant mindset. I some ways, it seems that we are; it is no longer so ‘in’ to admit that you are on a low-carb diet…the more ‘in’ thing to say is that you are Keto. While I cannot personally speak on a testimony concerning my own success or failure with the Keto diet, I have always been wary of eliminating one of the three essential macronutrients. Without diving into the science, each of the three macronutrients that we consume (proteins, fats, and carbohydrates) plays essential roles in the regulation of bodily functions. Carbs specifically fuel brain power and support muscle strength and recovery, an attribute that should be of particular importance to anyone fitness-focused.

Now that we KNOW that carbs are not the enemy and that I have experience eating VERY high carb, I just want to touch on what I’m finding to be a successful balance for me now and why I am finding it easy to stay free of fear surrounding foods.

When I started realizing that I couldn’t seem to effectively stay full throughout the day and that I was struggling with satiation and steady energy levels, my nutritional education kicked in and I made the decision to increase my fat intake along with my protein.

It was that simple.

I didn’t aim to overdose on protein, as I know that this has negative effects.

I did NOT set out with the goal of completely eliminating carbs, because I know that I cannot think clearly or perform on the bike/in the gym without energy in the form of carbohydrate –rich foods.

I DID make a concerted commitment to make true alterations to my diet in order to accurately detect any changes in my body. Making clear changes and staying accountable is a positive form of self-discipline and does NOT have to have a restrictive, negative vibe.

[[We have GOT to learn to draw the line between deprivation and discipline deeeeep into the sand so that we can toe the line of decisive change without subtracting from our freedom.]]

Through making this shift in my diet, I have created a diet that leaves me satiated after meals, keeps me feeling full for longer than ever before, sustains an active lifestyle, and has resulted in a much leaner physique.

Here’s the moral of the story: three years ago, I was in the best shape of my life, looking my most vibrant, eating a diet that was predominantly potatoes and fruit…and then my life changed.

I traveled a vast swath of Europe for several months, had a change in daily activity levels, and it became clear that my diet was not working for my body anymore.

So I changed the way I was eating. I rejected any fear surrounding foods or food groups and adapted in a way that made nutritional sense in the direction of my goals.

You can change at any time once you educate and reject fear, so why not? Make it work for YOU!

What’s upcoming? [follow me @emilywoodswellness and like my Facebook page for allllll the updates xxx]]

Are you ready to commit to making a big change in your diet? Your lifestyle? Your LIFE? Book a free Goal Setting Call here and let’s change everything .

Go get em today.


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