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Stay-Full Green Smoothie

I really seem to struggle when it comes to what to eat for breakfast.

I have never truly found anything that is convenient to eat at work/on the go, keeps me full for at least a couple of hours, is suitable post-workout fuel, and is nutrient dense.  UNTIL NOW.

I stopped drinking smoothies about a year after going vegan because they were just like calorie and carbohydrate sinks.  I was using up to 4 bananas per smoothie combined with other fruits and all it did was make me cold and cause a blood sugar spike before making me hungry again in no time. 

Obviously, this was not a smart way to be consuming smoothies. However, the negative results did cause me to write off smoothies for quite a while.

What turned me back on to smoothies recently was the fact that I was not consuming nearly enough greens.  I went so long on a backpacker's diet of processed starches that salads literally do not appeal to me anymore.  While I'm sure I will come around, the only way for me to get greens is to cram a large handful of spinach into a smoothie because you can't taste spinach in smoothies! It's so great! We buy big containers of organic spinach and throw them in the freezer so we can use them over a couple of weeks.

Convenience is also a huge factor for me as I am always running around like a crazy person in the mornings and need something that I can take on the go.

The key to a successful smoothie, in my opinion, is to make sure you're adding plenty of fats.  Even though this smoothie is lower carb, it is not intentionally low-calorie.  I ensure that I am getting the proper fuel and caloric density by upping the sources of healthy fat and not obsessing about protein. (I personally do not like the taste of protein powder so I avoid it in this smoothie, relying instead on protein from the various nuts and seeds that I add.)

Here's what you'll need: 2 T ground flax seeds (must be pre-ground) 1-2 T almond butter 1/4 C peanut powder (this is the brand I use that is the only brand I've found with peanuts as the only ingredient) Large handful of spinach 1/2 frozen banana 8-10 ice cubes cinnamon to taste ground ginger to taste almond milk to blend


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