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Why do we bust our butts to earn a reputable health coaching certification and then not know how to ACTUALLY get things going with our business?


Isn’t the point of all this to change our paths through sustainable income via the online space?


 I wish I could tell you that as soon as you have your Health Coach certification in your hand that you will be ready to secure and correctly manage your first paying clients.  That you’ll quickly fall into a rhythm of pulling down money from clients who are WAITING to work with you.


But how is any of that possible when the steps to a sustainable business are not clear?


How will you ever truly get started (i.e. start talking to leads, start promoting YOUR program, start making real MONEY) when the foundations aren’t in place??

I can tell you what I did: everything besides coaching.  I was writing long, in-depth pieces for my blog, which I painstakingly stylized and obsessed over to divert my focus from the stress of not knowing how to actually use my website for what I made it for. (This was after I spent weeks building, re-styling, and micromanaging my website build.)  I made and remade my logo, changed the photos and color scheme on my site 10 times, published and republished the site, rewrote my bio, restyled every button and link...I was a mess y'all! And you know why? I DIDN'T KNOW WHAT ELSE TO DO.


I had painted a stunning picture of my dream life as a digital nomad but had no clear plan for my business and absolutely no idea how to move past the digital perfectionism that I was hung up on.


So I pushed on, did EVERYTHING the hard way, and looked back on that journey with sympathy for the girl that refused to outsource for help getting started.


So I became that help.


That’s how Foundations of Online Business for New and Emerging Health Coaches was born, out of an in-depth experience that resulted in my successful emergence as a business owner in the sphere of health and wellness. There were many opportunities for my business to fail, and sadly, most businesses do.  You know why?


They refuse help.


They delay real action until mental and financial resources are exhausted.  


They work so hard on the wrong things that the money-making tasks are never realized or accomplished.


You as a new coach?  I KNOW you because I WAS YOU.  I got certified as a health coach because I knew I could create a career that facilitated my dream life and that I was passionate about.  


I know that's what you want, I know you don't want to drag the process out, and I KNOW that you are ready to start laying the Foundations for your new income.


WHICH IS WHY I am so excited to announce (drumroll please)


For only a select few new coaches, I am offering an exclusive pre-launch package for my Foundations program.


The exclusive, pre-launch offer is 10 weeks in duration, with 10 group calls to discuss my own curated modules on foundational online business concepts.  There will also be 5 bi-weekly 1:1 calls where we will focus on your personal program and resources. You'll also have exclusive and complete access to me through the entirety of the program (hello having all your questions answered!)  


The best part about this program?  I have reduced the price below any program that I will ever offer again and extended my payment plans to offer maximum flexibility. The pre-launch is invitation-based and I will hand-select a powerful group of new coaches to drive each other forward.

What you’ll learn in Foundations of Online Business:


-how to effectively use social media for business WITHOUT it taking over your life


-how to approach and attract leads 


-how to dive into your digital resources (an effective and simple website, HALLELUJAH)


-program creation


-pricing for a sustainable income flow


-how to avoid standing in your own way


And so much more!


And we have to talk about the PRICE.  I have tweaked and adjusted and made-do in so many ways to ensure that this program is absolutely affordable as a business expense.  As I hype you up on your worth and educate you on program pricing that fulfills your needs, I am aware that I have reduced the price on this program to the bare minimum.  And it won't happen again. AND, after we chat details, you're invited to take advantage.



Imagine the questions running through your head as your work on this journey being answered by someone who has been there AND is accessible by you at any time.  


Imagine having guidance and input as you pour hours into product creation, rather than blindly pushing forward and constantly backpedaling.


Imagine having the foundations of your business and strategy laid out with ease rather than confusion.


Imagine having consistent accountability and guidance (because we all need it, including me, which is why I HAVE A COACH).


Imagine having potential clients interested in you and your services BEFORE you even finish your certification.

Do you want to make it happen? 


Or do you want to wait?

Do you want the exclusive discount?

because that's what I want for you.

I’m ready for you!  Let’s do this!

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